2 thoughts on “DEQ Investigating UVa Power Plant”

  1. Are state agencies under a different set of rules? Since UVA is a state owned enterprises are they exempted from normal rules? For example there is only one public building that you can legally smoke a cigarette in- the State Capital!

    Guess how that happened.

  2. The short answer, as it applies to UVa’s heating plant, is that it’s complicated. UVa says it’s exempt from state air-quality laws not because it’s a state agency but because it’s a nonprofit. UVa is exempt from all kinds of other rules as a state agency (local zoning comes to mind) but that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

    DEQ, meanwhile, concedes that the university is exempt from some laws as a nonprofit, but maintains that it’s not exempt from others that basically say the same thing.

    One interesting thing is that when the DEQ penalizes a private company, fines can result. That doesn’t really happen if UVa is penalized, though, since that would basically amount to a transfer of funds between two state agencies. So they generally just try to work out other solutions that don’t involve fines.

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