Salidis Announces Independent Council Bid

Charlottesville activist Stratton Salidis has announced his bid for City Council as an independent. He is the fourth candidate in a field that includes Democrats Blake Caravati and Alexandria Searls, and Republican Rob Schilling. Salidis wrote in August that he believes that “the major issues during this race will be how we shape development in the area…and also how we help young people prepare themselves for being a positive force in society.” Salidis ran in the 2000 election, ultimately getting 2.1% of the vote. Jake Mooney has the story in today’s Progress.

17 thoughts on “Salidis Announces Independent Council Bid”

  1. Re: She works with horses!

    An interesting, well-written story, we’ll see how this turns out…

    Horses? I must have missed that part of the Daily Progress article. And isn’t Salidis a “he” and not a “she”?!

    Wait a second: did you write the article you praise (i.e., are you the DP reporter “Jake Mooney”) — or are you trying to draw attention to the Salidis campaign? I think it must be one or the other.

    I suppose I am asking: what did you find “interesting” and “well-written” about this brief article (only half of which was about Salidis)? I thought the article was quite ordinary.

    I’m interested in Salidis’s candidacy, but your sentiment about the article makes me curious — Yours, BigBu

  2. As someone familiar with the situation, I think it was an oddly timed inside joke.

    You’re right, though. The story was quite ordinary, if solidly written.

  3. As someone familiar with the situation, I think it was an oddly timed inside joke.

    What situation? What timing? Inside what?!

    Really . . .

    Good heavens — BigBu

  4. I had never thought of the Daily Progress writers as the sort that might rely on pseudonyms.

    Some might say, no offense Mr. “Mooney”, that the quotes are around the wrong term.

  5. “Waldo,”

    How come this your gets a “1” and all the others in the thread got zeroes?

    I suppose I am asking: what did you find “interesting” and “well-written” about this brief post? I thought it was quite ordinary.

  6. That’s Borgmeyer for you — he looks like a big softie, but his tongue can get sharp.

  7. What I was trying to say is, how come your post gets a 1 and no one else’s does? I think some of these deserve a “funny.”

  8. Waldo starts at 1 just like I or anyone else with an account does. You can, too, just sign up for an account. They’re free.

  9. I think most posts in this thread should be rewarded with NEGATIVE numbers.

    Jeez, fellas. Take your private, coded babble to IRC. Please — BigBu

  10. When Salidis ran in 2000 his answer to EVERYTHING was “pedestrian oriented development”. It didn’t matter what the problem was. It could be crime, low SOL scores, or the cost of housing. His answer was always the same; pedestrian oriented development will solve that problem.

  11. Hey! I didn’t post anything on this ridiculous conversation. I’d never talk shit about Jake’s articles. I might talk shit about his band, though. :)


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