Dem. Council Nomination Tallies Available

For the curious, George Loper has made available the results from last week’s Democratic nominating caucus for City Council. The votes from each of the four rounds [1, 2, 3, 4] make for interesting analysis, as has already been done by party co-chair Lloyd Snook and Democrat Rey Barry. Comments can be posted below, of course, or you can e-mail your thoughts to if you want them to appear on his site.

4 thoughts on “Dem. Council Nomination Tallies Available”

  1. Just another example of who ever controls the rules tends to win.Bush got the most electoral votes and that’s the only vote that decides who the president is. Waldo never got the votes when they counted the most. A flawed system for sure but it’s the rules they were playing by. You could equally complain that if the process had not taken so long Waldo would have won because his people would have stayed.

    As anyone who has ever studied presidential primaries will tell you that the most important vote is the one taken to control the rules committee. Control how someone is elected and who can decide who is elected. It looks like Blake figured this out.

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