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10th and Page Shooting Kills Man

An early-morning shooting has left one man dead and one man injured. The shooting occurred in the 10th and Page area. No information has been released about the victim or the cause of the killing. Police are asking anybody with a tip to call Crimestoppers at 977-4000. The story is from WVIR’s 11pm broadcast.

Judge Denies Rt. 29 Nuisance Request

Albemarle County Judge Peatross has denied the request by a Lynchburg man to have Route 29 North declare to be a public nuisance. The petition, filed by Robert Jordan, blames the Piedmont Environmental Council and the Southern Environmental Law Center for the delay in construction of the Western Bypass. Jordan intends to re-file his petition, though this time to a circuit judge in Lynchburg. The story is from today’s Progress.

Grant Names Non-Renewed Teachers Again

Albemarle County School Board member Gary Grant has, for the second time in as many years, publicly released a listing of teachers whose contracts are being non-renewed. He sent out the listing of 38 employees along with the reason for their non-renewal via his e-mail newsletter that he sends out to his constituents. When Grant did this last year, his fellow board members ended up passing a motion to scold him. His move isn’t much more popular this year: says board member Diantha McKeel, “I’ve had it with this kind of behavior.” Grant argues that it’s public information that is useful to the public. Kate Andrews has the story in today’s Progress.

Fluvanna Considering Higher Property Tax

The Fluvanna County Supervisors are considering yet another property tax, their third in three years. The 10% increase, say some supervisors, is necessary to compensate for the drastic reduction in state funding. The proposed 2003 budget will be presented on April 10th at 7pm at the Fluvanna County Courthouse. Austin Graham has the story in today’s Progress.

Our One-Year Anniversary

Happy birthday to us. is one year old…as of Thursday. (Close enough.) In that year, there have been 489 stories, 2613 comments and 180 registered users, plus countless anonymous posters. This year has brought us notable stories like the investigation into UVa students for cheating; the UVa hospital’s firing of convicted felons; living wage protests; the coal tower killings, the standoff with suspect Craig Nordenson, and subsequent chase and capture of Nordenson; September 11th, the police beating of a suspect, the earthquake, the approval of power plant after power plant; the death of Emily Couric; the launch of the Internet free-speech chalkboard; the debut of The Hook; and most recently, the arrest of CHS students for attacking UVa students. I’d like to take this occasion to ask you: what is doing right, and what is it doing wrong? Are the stories about the right things? Is it useful to you? Oh, and thanks, all. It’s been a good year.



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