11-Year Old Car Thief

writes: From WINA: ‘An Albemarle County police sting operation to catch a car thief has netted an 11 year old girl from the Village Square subdivision. Earlier this week two cars were stolen in the area when residents left them running to warm them up in the morning.’ According to a Richmond report the girl weighs 180 pounds! Guess she not a little girl anymore.

Apparently, after the first two cars went missing, the police set up a sting in a running car and caught the kid. She’ll be charged with attempted grand larceny.

5 thoughts on “11-Year Old Car Thief”

  1. Or smart ones. She’ll get a lesser sentence than they would.

    I wonder if they could charge the parents instead of the girl? Wouldn’t that be a hoot.

  2. 180 pounds????

    Maybe she was just borrowing the cars to make a quick dash to Krispy Kreme. *ducks*

  3. Well, I don’t know about you all but having my weight broadcast to the world would be punishment enough (esp. for a preteen or teen). (Note: Maybe this is the kind of punishment that should be instituted on criminals — at least female prisoners would have the horrible truth about their weight [or age depending on their vanity] instead of jail time for petty crimes. Men could have something else disclosed.)

    That said somewhat tongue in cheek, there is something obviously wrong that she is so overweight at 11 (unless she is extremely tall which I doubt), stealing cars and out at night. I hope social services takes a look at this situation — it sure sounds like there’s problems brewing.

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