Route 29’s Waving Man

writes: I am looking for any information on where the waving man on 29 has gone? It has been months since I have seen him in the median waving at the passing cars.

I don’t actually know anything about a waving man, but this just seemed too cool and weird to pass up.

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  1. Wow this is a great story for all that don’t know. The waving man on 29 south is a convicted murderer, and served many years in jail for his offence. The story goes that he came home one day and found his wife sleeping with another man, and killed them both. During his jail sentance he became a new man, and when he was let out, vowed to do good for the rest of his life. For years now, people have see him waving on the side of 29 south helping to bring a little joy to the drivers who have passed.

    I know this story sounds like an old wives tale, but I have heard it from several reliable sources, and believe that it is true. I haven’t seen him in a while either, maybe because it’s winter? He could have died too, he looked about eighty the last time I saw him.

  2. That’s very interesting. Does any9one know what happened to the”dancing man” that used to dance for hours on the downtown mall?


  3. You mean the guy who would pop his head into stores and blow his harmonica? He was awesome. I believe he passed on a few years ago.

  4. Actually I had noticed he hadn’t been out much lately, but saw him about a week ago at 4:30 or so. Friendly as ever.

  5. Okay, I know this has nothing to do with the Waving Man, but while we’re on the subject of interesting c’ville folk…

    Does anyone know what the deal is with the guy who drives the stuffed-chihuahua-laden remote-controlled truck up and down the downtown mall? I’ve also seen a chihuahua-adorned moped parked around town that I strongly suspect belongs to the same fellow. The guy seems to really like chihuahuas.

  6. I don’t know anything about murder, but I do know that you might find him at Mom’s Laundromat at the Crossroad’s (the crossing of Plank Road and 29). I hear he’s been working there and met him there myself when I lived in North Garden. He’s as friendly in person as he is waving on the highway. One of his neighbors assured me that he is alive and well.

  7. C-Ville Review (as they were called at the time, if I have my years right) wrote about that at the time. He left to go to a Rainbow Gathering and never came back.

    You’ve got to give the guy credit: he started off with a huge belly, and he was really trim looking a year later.

  8. No, that was a different guy. He was great. He knew just a single song (at least that I ever saw him peform), and once — just once — I saw him dance. I actually have that on video. These two old guys (not as old as him, lord knows, but old) were on the Mall at Central Place, playing harmonica together. And up walks Old Harmonica Guy and starts doing a lively little jig. It’s the damnest thing I ever saw him do — before or after I’d never seen him so happy looking.

  9. I work with a gentleman from Nelson County that used to manage a softball team. He said that Waving Man was the best catcher he had ever seen.

    I notice that sometimes he will take a break from waving and then, when you really need to be waved at, BAM!! There he is…

  10. I have no idea who the he is, but that guy rocks! Every time I see him I can’t help but smile. After September 11th he did his little car up with a flag motif. It was really bizarre yet cool. Let’s hope to see him around for many years to come.

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