Film Fest Brings Water, Ebert

The Virginia Film Fest has announced the theme for this October’s event: “wet.” Richard Herskowitz, who runs the annual four-day event, explains that this means we’ll be seeing movies that include rivers, rain, showers, and even beverages. For the first time in a couple of years, Rogert Ebert is coming out to conduct his popular shot-by-shot dissection of a yet-to-be-announced film. WINA has the story.

8 thoughts on “Film Fest Brings Water, Ebert”

  1. Looks like the ol’ Film Fest folks have run out of themes. Next year’s has already been chosen: “Blue.” It’s about movies that include the color blue int he title, costumes, set designs, and/or sky. Should be riveting.

  2. Not everything…just words like “wet” when they characterize a film festival. maybe the next year it’ll be “stiff,” just for equal time purposes.

  3. Hooray! Roger Ebert is coming back. To my mind, his shot-by-shot analysis is always the highlight of these festivals. He’s insightful, engaging and amusing. If you’ve never been to one, shell out a few bucks and a few hours of your life. It’s a wonderful Charlotteville experience.

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