Tinsley Receives MLK Award

Long-time community activist Grace Tinsley was honored with the annual Community Service Award presented by the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Celebration and Worship Service last night. The three-hour event at the packed Performing Arts Center featured music, prayer, and even a theatrical performance, all in the name of Martin Luther King Jr. Tinsley was the first black woman on the school board, a CHS nurse, advocate of the creation of the public defender’s office, and even registered black voters out of her home in the 1963.

5 Responses to “Tinsley Receives MLK Award”

  • Does anyone know if is this Boyd Tinsley’s mother?

  • Heh, you beat me to it. I’m so shallow. Go civil rights!!

  • it doesn’t make you shallow if the question is in reference to DMB and if their good works owe some inspiration to Boyd Tinsley being raise by such an outstanding role model, assuming she is his mom. Which is what my original question based on, a quest for the nature/nuture answer.

  • Nice recovery! Yeah — what he said!

  • one of Dave’s daughters. The other is Stella, which is great since Dave can now do his do his famous Marlon Brando impression when calling her to dinner,”STELLA!STELLA!”

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