434 on Tuesday

Our eight-month grace period is over: it’s time to start dialing 434 on Tuesday. Anybody trying to reach us at 804 will now start getting a recording indicating that we have a new area code. Those of you that give out the number to your phones, though, have until late this year to make the switch. Reed Williams has the story in today’s Progress.

4 thoughts on “434 on Tuesday”

  1. ive been trying to call cville from the west coast recently, and ive run into a few problems. it seems a lot of phone-card services wont recognize 434 yet. lets hope they get things straightened out soon.

  2. Today all of a sudden we here in my office can’t call one of our sales guys on the road using 434, despite the fact that he has service and full signal strength. We’ve never had any trouble getting in touch with him before, so we suspect it’s something to do with the area code change, though maybe it’s coincidence.

  3. We haven’t had complaints in recent days, but up until the turn of the year we repeatedly got calls (to 804) complaining that the area code on my office’s new letterhead didn’t work. From all over the country, too, though the southwest seemed to be especially problematic.

    I appreciate the generous grace period, but it’s pointless to give us such an early date if the new system isn’t fully working yet.

  4. Some people with cell phones need to make sure that their phones have been reprogrammed to accepte 434 area codes. I had to take mine in to Alltel and it only took about 10 minutes (minus the wait for a sales clerk). Maybe that’s one of the problems.

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