First Snow of Winter

This morning brought the first snow of the year to the Charlottesville area. Just about an inch fell, but it has made an absolute mess of the roads. Lots of roads are closed off, including Earlysville Road, part of High Street, and many roads are backed up for miles. (The 250 Bypass took some motorists over an hour to travel this morning.) Accidents abound, notably the trailer that blocked all of 29 south, up by Airport Road. Schools are cancelled, in many cases requiring that the already-picked up students be shipped back home. Areas east and south of us really got dumped on; just north, in Free Union, not so much of a flake was seen.

5 thoughts on “First Snow of Winter”

  1. When I went to bed last night, all they were callling for was (were?) flurries, but the possibility of snowfall did exist. Trying to get to work this morning was an impossible task. None of the roads around UVa had been salted, sanded, or plowed. All but the most minor grades proved insurmountable for my little Toyota, and I was forced to wait until 11:00 to try (successfully this time) to make it to work.

    Why was nothing done earlier? Was the city trying to save some money by taking a shot on no snowfall? Even if I’d decided to be the diligent worker and take the bus to work, I wouldn’t have been able to because the roads were so bad that CTS actually shut down for a while. I’m sorry, but there’s no way an inch of snow should have caused all these problems, even here in the South.

  2. Speaking of Snowfall and Charlottesville, what is up with our lovely local TV station, Channel 29? I have lived here 2 years now and it seems when it snows here, that is ALL they talk about. One story after another. Does all other news stop when the white stuff falls? Come on, guys….it gets really old after the first broadcast.

  3. Haven’t you heard? There is a vast conspiracy between television stations and the grocery store monoliths….even when there’s a prediction of snow, the tv stations will whip everyone into a frenzy of grocery shopping. God forbid anyone should go without any kind of food for 24 hours! I didn’t watch any tv — did the crew wear their special emergency coats and gear?

    The other night, I watched a parody of weather reporting on a rerun of MAD TV with “Action Wind Report” — very funny and not hard to lampoon.

    Well, I have to run and stock up on toilet paper, deicer, orange juice, bread, eggs, candy and video rentals before the next storm.

  4. You’ve been living here two years and you still watch channel 29? You must be retired…

  5. I stood in line behind Bill Duvall a couple of weeks ago at the Pantops Food Lion. He had medallion steaks. it was about 6 pm. The checker said “shouldn’t you be in bed?!” and Bill said “Just shut up and give me the check.”

    The checker reached into a drawer under the register and produced an envelope. Bill didn’t pay for his steaks. As he was heading out the door, a manager from the customer service counter yelled “Rough weather comin’ Bill?”

    Bill turned around abruptly, nervously checked over both shoulders and gave the manager a dirty look. He shook is head and muttered “Amateurs..” then stormed out.

    Now I’m not jumping to any conclusions, but the implications here are obvious.

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