Detective Arrested on Assault Charges

Albemarle Police Detective K. W. Robinson has been suspended from the force after being served with a warrant for assaulting a suspect during questioning. In August, Robinson and three other detectives were questioning 21-year-old Corey Faison when they provoked him to grab at a camera that they had. That prompted them to throw Faison to the ground and beat him, punching him dozens of times, resulting in Faison’s being brought to the hospital with several broken ribs. The entire affair was captured on videotape, but county police said that it didn’t matter: they pointed out that they could have beaten him with nightsticks if they’d wanted to. Detective Robinson has a history of misconduct: he was fired ten years ago by Chief Miller for kicking a man in the face while arresting him, though his job was reinstated by an appeals board. WINA has the story, though the Progress is likely to have extensive coverage in today’s paper.

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