Albemarle Creates Police Review Board

The Albemarle County Supervisors have established a citizens’ advisory panel to oversee the county police. The three-member panel will be appointed early next year, and will have input on police policies. They will be able to review police car videotapes, but they will not have access to confidential or internal investigation data. This all started in August, when county resident Daley Craig got upset with the police, and demanded the creation of a citizen review board. A few weeks later, County Police Chief John Miller endorsed the idea, and submitted a proposal to the county that it be created. Late in September, County Supervisor David Bowerman endorsed the idea, and it just passed yesterday. The County is actively seeking applicants, so interested parties would do well to contact them soon. WINA has the story.

One thought on “Albemarle Creates Police Review Board”

  1. Kent Willis of the Richmond ACLU office has pointed out that this simply isn’t a useful organization if this panel does not have access to internal police data. In addition, this panel can’t make any sort of binding decisions, only make recommendations. This basically means that they’ll be a trio of people with neither useful information nor the power to do anything with the information that they do have.

    But, hey, it’s a start.

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