Judge Rules in Favor of Satyrfield Farm

Circuit Court Judge Paul Peatross has ruled that the Virginia Department of Agriculture‘s 1999 attempt to search Christine Solem & John Coles’ small farming business without a warrant was unconstitutional. Solem and Cole run Satyrfield Farms, just north of town, manufacturing goat cheese that they sell from their home and at the Charlottesville farmer’s market. WINA has the story.

3 Responses to “Judge Rules in Favor of Satyrfield Farm”

  • If memory serves, they’ve had a lot of trouble over time with the state. Something about not using certified scales, and I believe that this particular incident was a search regarding their use of standard kitchen equipment, and not special food-service kitchen equipment. On account of their being small dairy farmers, I don’t see why we’d make them meet these demands. And we wonder why the small farmer can’t make it these days.

  • hurrah! the little guy and gal win one. It makes me smile win the system works the wy it was intend. I know justice isn’t swift I am just glad when it’s sure.

  • I know justice isn’t swift I am just glad when it’s sure.

    I’m impressed that they’ve stuck it out so long. Anybody else would have bailed on this and given up on the goat thing months or years ago.

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