Overview of VA Sodomy Laws

George Loper has assembled an extremely informative piece on his site, “HB718, HB2309 and the Decriminalizaation of Sodomy.” He provides an overview of recent efforts in the Virginia General Assembly to overhaul our “Crimes Against Nature” statute, and what the upcoming 25th District election has to do with it. Without being too presumptious, I’ll say that it seems likely that this law affects you, so you may want to give this a read.

3 thoughts on “Overview of VA Sodomy Laws”

  1. How could ANY legislator possibly defend this law? I can only assume that they are all cowards who don’t want to be seen as “pro sodomy”. Anyone who steps up to the plate and tries to get rid of this ridiculous statute should be labeled “pro privacy.” That would be more accurate.

  2. Clearly this is an important law, if we repeal this law, people will be having open sexual intercourse on every streetcorner in america.

    Lewd lascivious SATAN sex!

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