Democrats’ Senatorial Nominating Convention

Last night, about 150 people (by my count) showed up at Buford Middle School for the candidate’s forum of the four hopefuls vying for the 25th District seat, to fill out Emily Couric’s term. Candidates Creigh Deeds, Nancy O’Brien, Meredith Richards and Al Weed answered a series of questions from the moderator and from the audience during the two-hour event. As always, a tremendous amount of information on the candidates can be found on George Loper’s website. The Democrats’ nominating convention is Saturday at 11am tomorrow at the County Office Building. Given that it’s highly like that a Democrat will win the election, this convention is when our next senator will be selected. If you want to have a say in this process (and you’re a Democrat), be certain to show up. Though the elections aren’t held until December 18th, the winner will be chosen tomorrow.

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