2 thoughts on “Judge Dismisses Honking Charges”

  1. The judge is absolutely right. Though I agree with the police’s ticketing (the drivers were, after all violating state law), I also agree with the judge that the law was being enforced unfairly. The police did their job, the judge did his. And now, best of all, Chief Longo intends to have a long talk with the judge and the city attorney to ensure that this sort of uneven enforcement doesn’t happen again. I’d say this worked out.

    Sidenote: I thought it was interesting that Judge Downer believed that horn-honking is not a valid form of protected speech.

  2. How nice it must be for those with the proper politics to know that they have a free hand to act with near-impunity in this town. They can make all the noise they want, go wherever they wish, create as much of a nuisance as they desire; so long as it be in the name of a sanctioned cause, the benevolent hand of an activist judge will wipe the slate clean every time.

    This is really a petty crime but it’s still disgusting considering the way the trespassing charges turned out.

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