Greene Sheriff Refuses to Write Tickets

Greene County Sheriff William Morris is totally unwilling to ticket vehicles for failing to display a county sticker. This in the face of the Virginia Attorney General‘s office saying that he is required by law to do so. Says Morris, “I am not going to be a tax collector for Greene County.” His problem is this: county citizens cannot get the $25 county sticker until they’ve paid their personal property taxes. So Morris believes that he and his deputies have been turned into tax collectors for the county, a role that he’s not willing to assume. Keri Schwab has the story in today’s Progress.

2 thoughts on “Greene Sheriff Refuses to Write Tickets”

  1. Finally some sanity! I for one find it silly that we have to pay $25 just to prove that we paid our taxes. Not having the sticker doesnt mean you haven’t paid your taxes. It simply means you have something better to do than scrape a sticker off your windshield, pay $25, and put a new sticker on. I think in this day and age we can find out who has and hasn’t paid their taxes without wandering around in the streets looking for stickers. We have to put stickers on our license plates as well, how many stickers do we need?

    Does this smell like a vast conspiracy by the sticker manufacturers of Virginia to anyone else?

  2. I agree with Lars on this sticker thing. It seems ridiculous to pay your taxes and then have to give the City or County an extra $25 to wave your “battle flag” to other residents saying, “hey, I paid my taxes”. It is just an extra $25 for the locality. I think that if you pay your taxes, they should give you the damn sticker as your receipt. I am a police officer and I even think this practice is ridiculous!

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