Investigators Find Body of Missing Girl

Yesterday investigators in Louisa found the remains of who they believe to Shantay Latrice Wheeler. The 18-year-old went missing in April under rather surprising circumstances: her boyfriend dropped her off at the Fork Union Motor Lodge to meet her sister, and she walked to a nearby pharmacy. She never got there. The remains of the 8-month-pregnant Fluvanna girl were found in the woods near the intersection of 15 and 22 in Boswells Tavern. The Progress has the full story, though you can read a brief version on WINA’s site.

One thought on “Investigators Find Body of Missing Girl”

  1. That’s really sad. Ever since I first saw that story on the news in late April, I’d kept her story in my mind, hoping that, somehow, everything would turn out OK. But the odds of a girl going missing under not-bad circumstances while walking something like 1/8 of a mile seem pretty slim. It’s too bad that turned out to be the case.

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