Miller’s Sold

patrick writes: Looks like C’ville landmark (and Dave Matthews Band fan mecca) Miller’s has been sold. Steve Tharpe, the man who took the former Miller’s Drugstore building and converted it into a bar just over twenty years ago has sold to one Scottie Kaylor. There’s an application for a new ABC permit posted prominently in the front window, with the name of the new owner. This comes mere months after Mr. Tharpe held a 20th anniversary celebration for former employees and associates of Miller’s on July 27th.

3 thoughts on “Miller’s Sold”

  1. One would hope… on three seperate occasions, myself and friends have walked into Millers (both outside and inside), made certain that a waitress noticed us entering, then sat down, only to find that 20 minutes later we still hadn’t been approached by any waitstaff. They will never get my business again unless they change management and improve service. It’s places like this that perpetuate the “elitist” attitude that many people from outside of Charlottesville immediately associate with our area.

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