Fridays after 5 canceled today

writes: Fridays after 5 has been canceled this week. CDF had planned a very uplifting, reverential program for this evening and regrets that this opportunity for the community to come together will not occur. CDF strongly urges all who were planning to attend to take part in the Red Cross fundraising that was scheduled for this event to please support the Red Cross disaster relief and blood collection activities that are ongoing. You can reach the Red Cross at 295-LIFE. Tell them Fridays After 5 sent you!

4 Responses to “Fridays after 5 canceled today”

  • Waldo says:

    I was really rather looking forward to spending some time socializing. I need some face time.

  • Anonymous says:

    Anyone know why it was cancelled?

  • Lars says:

    Keep in mind that people will still be downtown.

    Do we really care if the music and beer trucks are gone?

  • Big_Al says:

    Apparently, the city received some complaints regarding the appropriateness of having people dancing and drinking beer in public right now, particularly on a day of remembrance, and they called CDF to “recommend” they cancel.

    Yesterday the city was apparently totally behind this event, and CDF put a lot of work into making it appropriate to the current situation. In fact, the mayor had agreed to make opening remarks! Today it appears they caved. We can only hope that our national leaders are more resolute in the face of the enormous national menace facing us than our local leaders were in the face of a few phone calls. If not, we’re in a world of trouble. It’s very disappointing. I just hope they’ll be sure to let us know when it’s okay to smile again.

    I guess the frustrating thing is, like Waldo, we all need some face time. Our collective psyche needs to breathe, and if people didn’t like that idea they sure could have stayed away. All we’ve had for the past four days is CNN, MSNBC, and a repetitive showing of planes snuffing out thousands of lives. We can’t be expected to sit in front of the tube until this crisis is over.

    Of course, now isn’t the time for petty bickering. We all have much larger battles to fight. But it is very disappointing. Perhaps the city erred with nothing but the best of intentions in mind, but I think without question they did err.

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