Albemarle Chief Supports Review Board

Albemarle County Police Chief John Miller supports the idea of a citizen review board, an idea put recently forth by disgrunted local Daley Craig. Miller will submit a formal proposal to the county, supporting the creation of a board that will be able to review police actions, but not have access to internal investigations. Kent Willis (director of the Virginia ACLU) told the Progress that “no citizen review board will be able to effective do its job without access to internal investigations.” When asked by the Progress if any Albemarle officers should be off the streets, Miller replied that he’d “better leave that one alone.”

6 thoughts on “Albemarle Chief Supports Review Board”

  1. Just kidding. On a serious, off-topic note, however: is it just me, or is really SLLLLOOOOOWWW the last few days?

  2. I actually was accessing it over a dial-up (!) this weekend, and I didn’t hit any snags. But if anybody is having slow-down experiences, I’d love to hear about it so I can yell at Ntelos. :)

  3. I agree with Kent Willis of the ACLU — what good will this do without access to internal data? I’d also like to know what sort of powers that this board will have. (Presumably, that’s something to be debated.) I can’t help but suspect that they’ll have very little in the way of power, perhaps just the ability to make recommendations, meaning that the board may be pretty much useless.

    Here’s hoping I’m wrong!

  4. I think it is just me. I usually access the site from work, where it’s been like molasses for the last week. But, here from home on my dial-up, it seems fine. Sorry for the false alarm!

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