Nifty Gift From Virginia Republicans

Janis Jaquith writes “Hey, everybody, I just got this swell gift in the mail from the Republican Party of Virginia — it’s this black sign that says in big, bold letters, ‘I’m a liberal and proud of it.’ This is so cool! I’m gonna tape it up inside the back window of my car. I’ve always wanted a bumper sticker that said something like that, and now, voila! it shows up in my mailbox. Alls I need is a little Scotch tape, and I’m in business. Thanks, Republican Party of Virginia!”

You know, my girlfriend got one of those too. We’re both liberal Democrats, and it wasn’t immediately clear, even after reading through the mailing, that it was criticizing Democrats. I think I was supposed to be horrified to find that certain state candidates were in favor of homosexual marriage (“God forbid the promiscuous heathens marry!,” I think I was supposd to cry out), that some people would hypothetically favor raising taxes if it was necessary, etc. I wonder how Democrats ended up on this mailing list. Did anybody else get this?

6 thoughts on “Nifty Gift From Virginia Republicans”

  1. I’m jealous! How do you suppose I could get one? (I’m sure I could find room next to my “BUSH/CHENEY: AMERICA’S 2ND CHOICE” bumper sticker).

  2. And you know what else? I just got another missive from the Virginia Republicans — and it, like the “proud liberal” flyer, was addressed to my son, Jackson.

    Jack moved out a few years ago, but the only mail that still comes addressed to him is from the Democratic party (he’s on the Democratic party mailing list).

    Question: Where did the Republicans get this mailing list from?

    Janis Jaquith

  3. Hey, I got one too! I read through the whole thing and it just confirmed that I indeed am voting for all those folks. Best piece of publicity as far as I am concerned. Like your idea of taping it to the car window and use it as a ‘bumper sticker’

    Regarding the mailing taking issue with the Democrats supporting gun control, when will those silly republicans realize that it is in the best interests of ‘law abiding citizens’ to have gun control laws. I guess they know that most of themselves are all shady characters and wouldn’t qualify to own a gun. Just the point of gun control, to keep nuts and lunatics and irresponsable people from purchasing or ever owning a gun.

  4. Somebody scored this as “insightful?” Sigh.

    Anyway, the reason the Republicans mailed these signs to you is because we (the dirty, silly Republicans) knew you would think you were terribly clever by putting them up on your cars and foiling our plans. However, the REAL reason they were sent to you is that it saves us the trouble of having to interpret the various Darwin Fish/Do No Harm/Pissing Off The Religious Right/Hate Is Not A Family Value bumper stickers; now, all we have to do is look for the black “I’m A Liberal” sign, and we know who to tailgate with our big bad gass-guzzling SUVs.

    Go ahead. It’s okay to laugh. :)

  5. That one’s not nearly as good as the “Algore is a Risky Scheme” bumper sticker, though.

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