Smoker vs. County

In 1999, 69-year-old Daley Craig was watching his grandson’s football team at WAHS play a game. While watching, he was smoking a cigar, which he was told violates a county ban of tobacco use on school grounds. Craig refused to stop smoking, and he was forced to leave school grounds by police. This has turned into a cause for Craig, who is not so interested in smoking on school grounds as he is in creating a citizen review board to oversee the Albemarle County police force. Said Craig, “I have made it quite clear on the record that I find it despicable that the only review of alleged police review in Albemarle County is `internal.’ That sort of review cannot be objective or thorough, and is tainted by apparent conflict of interest. Yet you have refused to establish any sort of objective review and are a party to the cover-up.” He went on the criticize the police’s killing of William Wingfield Jr., saying “Since then, the police have killed another person. The one they claim was attacking them with a garden hoe. Wow, a real garden hoe! A demented man with a garden hoe attacking three supposedly able policemen and women armed with billy clubs and Mace, and the police had to shoot him.” Needless to say, police aren’t very happy with Craig, and he’s dead-set on having a review board. Peter Savodnik has an extensive article in today’s Progress.

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