Escaped Convict Caught

Timothy Eads, who escaped from jail yesterday, was caught downtown at 8:30pm this evening. He was spotted on the corner of Avon and Garrett by two men, who shouted out to him by name. Eads took off running, and hid under a moving van parked in front of the Rentway across from Spudnuts. The men called 911, and police arrived quickly with a K9 unit. A German shepard dragged the man out by his head, from the undercarriage of the truck. Bleeding badly, he was taken to the hospital, where it was discovered that he had a key tied to a tooth in his mouth. Police say that it’s the key to his shackles, which he was not wearing at the time that he was arrested. The story comes from WVIR‘s 11pm broadcast.

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  1. I don’t get the key. If he took his shackles off, why did he need the key? (And so badly that he’d attach it to a tooth.) It’s possible that the guy is simply crazy, but I wonder if he’s got somebody shackled up somewhere. The guy was sentenced to multiple life sentences for rape. I don’t know the details, but that’s not the usual punishment for rape. Does anybody know what Eads did in the first place?

  2. I know nothing about his sentencing, but re: the key — Perhaps he was anticipating that he might be needing it again in the near future….

  3. According to the Progress: “Eads pleaded guilty in June to 21 charges stemming from a break-in and repeated rape of a woman in her home near Batesville in January. He pleaded guilty to abduction, two counts of rape, two counts of forcible sodomy, sexual penetration, armed burglary, robbery, two counts of grand larceny, malicious wounding, eluding police and throwing an object at a police vehicle.”

  4. I don’t have a real source for this, but my cow-orker just told me that of the two men who chased Eades and called the police about him, one of their wives had been attacked by Eades and that’s how the chase began. Can anyone verify this story? It just makes one wonder about the possibility of someone being locked up in shackles somewhere that could be dead in less than two days. He *was* out for roughly 24 hours. It’s frighteningly possible.

  5. My cow-orker just told me it was in the paper about accosting the guy’s wife, so you all have probably already heard about it all. Sorry, I’m a radio girl.

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