Convict Escapes Prison

An unnamed convict has escaped from the jail on Avon Street Extended. This has been confirmed by Eure Communications (WWWV, WINA, WQMZ, etc.) The escapee is bearded and wearing blue; no further information is available at this time. If you happen to see him, do not approach or follow him, just call 911. 11:05pm: Details below.

NBC 29 offered some details leading off their 11pm broadcast. The escapee’s last name is "Eaves," though I’m not sure of the spelling or his first name. He is 5’9″ tall and 140 lbs, and is serving multiple life sentences for rape and apparently other nasty things. There are 100 officers searching for him tonight. He’s likely still shackled and wearing prison blues. After running across the street from the jail, he ran into a field, and police dogs tracked him as far as the pond behind the Dickinson Building at PVCC. There have been multiple sightings in the downtown area, and a few folks have contacted us to let us know that helicopters have been over an area ranging from the downtown area to PVCC. It is thought that he may have escaped in a silver 1997 Honda, with the license plate YVX-5818.

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