Convict Escapes Prison

An unnamed convict has escaped from the jail on Avon Street Extended. This has been confirmed by Eure Communications (WWWV, WINA, WQMZ, etc.) The escapee is bearded and wearing blue; no further information is available at this time. If you happen to see him, do not approach or follow him, just call 911. 11:05pm: Details below.

NBC 29 offered some details leading off their 11pm broadcast. The escapee’s last name is "Eaves," though I’m not sure of the spelling or his first name. He is 5’9″ tall and 140 lbs, and is serving multiple life sentences for rape and apparently other nasty things. There are 100 officers searching for him tonight. He’s likely still shackled and wearing prison blues. After running across the street from the jail, he ran into a field, and police dogs tracked him as far as the pond behind the Dickinson Building at PVCC. There have been multiple sightings in the downtown area, and a few folks have contacted us to let us know that helicopters have been over an area ranging from the downtown area to PVCC. It is thought that he may have escaped in a silver 1997 Honda, with the license plate YVX-5818.

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  1. I wondering why somebody serving multiple life sentences is being kept in the C-ville jailhouse rather than a proper prison. Jails aren’t really equipped for long-term residents. And apparently the security isn’t fit for keeping ‘lifers’ either.

    Waldo was telling me last night that even when the new jail opens, it will still be operating at 50% above capacity. This does not bode well for future security and appropriate treatment of prisoners here in C-ville.

    Has anybody here ever spent a little time in the C-vile pokey? What are the conditions like? What were your impressions of security?


  2. According to the Daily Progress, Eades escaped from two officers who were transporting him, despite the fact that he was shackled. How does a shackled prisoner outrun two officers from point blank range?

  3. Also, I spoke to a friend of the woman who reported the escape. She was driving down the road and saw two 2! men in pokey blue run by her car. She called to report it and they hung up on her before she could tell them that there were 2 not 1 men running loose.

    kinda funny.

  4. Um, that’s kind of a really big deal. Can you get in touch with the woman who made the report and get a solid quote from her?

    If you can do that really fast, you should immediately submit it as a new item for the front page. Cvillenews could then (once again) scoop every other media outlet in town.


  5. My friend doesn’t have a traditional office job, so I don’t know how I’d reach her to find out a way to contact her friend.

    Why don’t you guys call the jail and see if they will confirm that there are 2 not 1 escaped men?

  6. Well, I guess that explains the dozen or so cop cars I saw parked along 64 and 20 south last night, shining their spotlights into the woods. What was sort of odd was that there were UVA police out there with them, doing the same stuff. What’s the deal with UVA police? Are they actually just county police who have the job of patrolling UVA, seeing as UVA is actually the county, despite being in the city? Are they some sort of lower tier than a cop, like community officers? I’ve always kind of wondered about that, but no one’s ever given me a clear answer.

  7. the woman who spotted the guys drove back up to the jail to tell them she saw 2 persons. Perhaps, they have already captured one of them which is why they are only looking for the one still.


  8. Considering school hasn’t started, so there are no drinking parties to bust up, the UVA policedon’t really have much to do. This is usually the case in the summer. For a manhunt it makes total sense to use every available resource, including bored UVA police officers.

  9. I just talked to the nice lady at the UVA police station. She informed me that the UVA police are, in fact, a seperate and independent police force for the entire UVA area. Neither C-ville nor Albemarle police have jurisdiction. All of their officers are fully trained and sworn-in police officers. Some of their duties include hospital and grounds security, building lock-ups, crime investigation and student escorting. She said that there was a lot of public misconception about the force, and wishes that everyone knew they were real police. Hope that’s what you were looking for!

  10. According to our local NPR station, Eaves was awaiting his sentencing hearing, which explains why he was being kept in the local jail. He hadn’t officially been sent to prison yet. These things take a ridiculously long amount of time, don’t they?

  11. The University Police Department is a completly seperate entity from the County Police. They were just helping out with the search for Eades.

    Kevin Cox

  12. It is true that UVA is a different jurisdiction from albemarle or charlottesville, but they have agreements with the other departments. Meaning you cant just drive across the county/city/UVA border and expect to be immune. They’ll pull you over and hold you.

    An interesting side note is that the UVA police department itself is outside of their own jurisdiction. Its not in the university proper.

  13. Just a note on jargon. Uva is not a jurisdiction at all. Parts of the University are in the City of Charlottesville and parts of the U are in Albemarle County. The City/County line actually runs down JPA. Because the meals tax in the City is 3% and 4% in the county a meal in the old hospital cafeteria costs more than the same meal in the new hospital cafeteria. Still, the unicops are a seperate entity from both the city and county police departments.

    Kevin Cox

  14. I just turned on the scanner a few minutes ago, and the police said something about a subject

    with wounds from the K-9. Perhaps this is the same guy. Who knows, they’re so cryptic. Maybe

    they go around biting all sorts of people.

    Oh wait, they just said it in english.

    “The city just brought that prisoner in”

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