Coal Tower Gunman Escapes

Incredibly, gunman Craig Nordenson, who had barricaded himself in the downtown coal tower last night, escaped. After an all-night standoff, a SWAT team stormed the tower at 7:40am and found it empty. Police aren’t sure how he managed to get away, what with the dozens of police, the helicopter, the infrared and night vision, and the dozens — possibly hundreds — of onlookers. Several friends of Nordenson have said that he owned a handheld police scanner, and witnesses last night that had snuck right up to the coal tower were shocked to find large areas of land adjacent to the tower entirely unguarded, leaving a potential exit route for the gunman. This also makes the four shots fired around 2:15am a bit of a mystery. All of this is oddly reminiscent of April’s standoff between the SWAT team and an empty house, which resulted in several tear-gassed poodles and a destroyed house.

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