Gunman Barricaded in Coal Tower

The suspect in Saturday’s downtown two homicides, 20-year-old Craig Nordenson, has barricaded himself at the very coal tower where he killed 16-year-old Kate Johnson and 23-year-old Marcus Griffin. The coal tower, according to witnesses, is surrounded by police with guns drawn, megaphones out and spotlights. WVIR just now reported on this, and said that police aren’t certain if it’s the suspect or not, but that they believe it is. They also reported that Nordenson has an extensive criminal record, most recently convicted of robbery and grand theft auto, and recently accused of destroying a Charlottesville police van. It’s going to be a late night.

3 thoughts on “Gunman Barricaded in Coal Tower”

  1. I suspect that he’s going to kill himself. I don’t know him from Adam, but it certainly wouldn’t surprise me. I’m sure some people would gain some satisfaction from that. I just hope that the police can talk him down and take him into custody safely.

  2. okay, cool… now whats going on at the marriot (ramada?) by trax… 5 police cars went that way fast a couple minutes ago.

    So yeah, we were at the coal tower before 29. We’re so in the loop.


  3. This is the most action this town has seen since that bad Charlie Sheen/Kristy Swanson movie hit Blockbuster. Well, that and some of the rugby road frat parties, but there weren’t any guns drawn megaphones spotlight kind of things going down with those.

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