Homeless Dump Asbestos

Two businessmen have been indicted by a Charlottesville jury for conspiring to get workers to remove asbestos from Staunton buildings and illegally dispose of it. Turns out that these Einsteins — Dr. David Stephen Klein and Josef Gene Weiss — recruited homeless men from Staunton to remove asbestos by slicing it out of the walls with razor blades, lacking any safety equipment. They were directed to then dump the dangerous substance in various dumpsters, including one at Buffalo Gap High School. The two men are facing millions of dollars in fines. Adrienne Schwisow has the story in today’s Progress.

2 thoughts on “Homeless Dump Asbestos”

  1. DOCTOR David Stephen Klein?

    This dangerous scam has been going on around the country for the past ten years, or so. Companies will be set up to underbid legitimate, environmental contractors who have well-trained employees, proper safety equipment and prudent procedures for removal and disposal of hazardous materials. Doing these jobs right is expensive, so if somebody decides to take short-cuts, it’s easy for them to offer cheap prices.

    They’ll prey upon vulnerable groups (homeless, mentally-disturbed, alcoholics, drug addicts…) to do their dirty work.

    These crooks should get the book thrown at them. Might it also be worth saying that if a contractor (not just an environmental contractor, but a roof, a road paver, whatever…) offers to complete a job for less than everybody else, the customer might think about asking why?

  2. DOCTOR David Stephen Klein?

    Actually, I only made a point of saying that he’s a doctor and putting his middle name there so that nobody would mistake this guy for David Klein, the local musician and not-scam-artist. :)

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