Meloy Murderer Not Competent

18-year-old Jamie Poindexter, charged with the April murder of Alison Meloy, has been judged not mentally competent to stand trial, according to a psychiatrist and a psychologist. A judge has to make the decision as to whether or not he’s competent, so this isn’t final. Albemarle County Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Camblos is quoted in today’s Progress as saying “‘At this point I have two options, I can get a second opinion or we can have him sent to get restored’ [to competency].”

2 thoughts on “Meloy Murderer Not Competent”

  1. I’m no Poindexter fan, don’t get me wrong. But this doesn’t sit right with me. If Camblos is naming all of his choices, why do they only consist of getting a second opinion or sending him for treatment so that they can make him sane-ish? Why has he ruled out the possibility that Poindexter simply isn’t fit to stand trial?

  2. Because if it is possible to stand trial with medication thats what’s supposed to happen. If they fail to make him sane-ish (can you make any murderer sane?) then

    he goes to a hospital (jail) until they can make him sane-ish. Then they just keep trying until it works.

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