Gov. Donations Under Fire

Both candidates for governor have found themselves in hot water over donations linked to Internet porn. Republican Mark Earley for receiving $47,000 from Bruce M. Waldack, who reportly marketed its online ad software to pornographic websites; and Democrat Mark Warner for receiving $75,000 from the chairman of CyberCash, one of the major on-line credit card processing companies, who has accepted credit card payments on behalf of pornographic websites. Earley is returning the money, but Warner’s spokesman says that CyberCash is a conduit for money, much like a bank. What’s a little more interesting is the fact that Bruce Waldack once owned, back in 1998. The AP has the story on the donations.

One thought on “Gov. Donations Under Fire”

  1. About the thing, I sure don’t care. For one, if he wants to be a Nazi, hell, that’s his business. If he wanted to put up a site about Hitler’s Youth Army, that could be really interesting. Or maybe he just liked the domain name. But owning the domain doesn’t say a thing about the guy. Imagine that FUD and speculation that could result from this, though…


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