Foxfield “A Disaster”

County Supervisor Charlotte Humphris (who recently announced her retirement) has described the spring Foxfield “a disaster,” logistically-speaking. The twice-annual horse races are a popular gathering spot for University students, inevitably resulting in a lot of drinking and disorderly conduct. This may be a first step towards making some changes to the event. WINA has the story.

3 thoughts on “Foxfield “A Disaster””

  1. Hopefully this will add up to some changes. Foxfield is ridiculous. There’s always a huge line of cars stretching all the way to town, many of them full to the brim with drunken fratboys. Some are pissing out of the car windows, others vomit in people’s yards, still more weave their way into the other lane. I’ve never seen police stop any of these cars, which bugs me to no end. I don’t know if this behavior is allowed because of the income that’s generated by the event, or because UVa kiddies get a pile of “get out of jail free” cards when they enroll (see Richard Smith and those 120-odd cheaters before flaming.) But it’s nice to see somebody in power pointing out the elephant in our living room.


  2. Logistically, any large gathering takes a lot of work. I’m sure improvements could be made all around, but me – I like Foxfield.

    My only problem with the event is transportation. I’d like to see a better shuttle service, particularly for the youger crowd who tend to get smashed without considering the drive home.

    Semi-private disorder’s fine with me as long as it’s safe to those around.

  3. From all that I’ve seen, UPo doesn’t do much, save freely handing out parking tickets to townies, even in PUBLIC lots. CPD apparently takes their revenge by harassing the poor drunken firstyear girls on the stretch of McCormick between Rugby and the dorms EVERY weekend while school is in session. My personal opinion on the matter is that there’s a lot of tension about jurisdiction between the coinciding police departments.

    PS – if anyone reading this might be interested in helping start a “safety patrol” to drive hot drunk chicks home from the parties, hit me up! :)

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