WVIR Adds News to Website

WVIR (NBC 29) has finally returned to running local news stories on their website. Looking at the URLs for the stories, it looks like they may even archive their stories, unlike C-Ville Weekly and the Daily Progress, who delete their articles after each new issue comes out. Weirdly, WVIR has set up the site so that if you click anywhere but on the window, it will automatically close. (See “Break-in Rash” as an example.) Anyhow, they get points for effort. Once they get rid of that auto-close thing, we’ll start linking to their news.

06/06/01, 11:25am: As a post-note, the URL of “Break-in Rash” keeps changing. So it might be archived, but the moving target will make it hard to link to things. Oh, well.

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