434 In Effect

Welcome to your new area code: 434. Wouldn’t you think that we all would have gotten a letter in the mail from the telephone company or something? nym points out some detailed documents (a PDF) that show what areas and prefixes are affected. Most people have until January 2002 to make the switch. Those of us that are mobile phone users have until January 2003.

One thought on “434 In Effect”

  1. Our business promptly notified all of our customers about the new 434 area code, only to be told by out-of-state customers that they couldn’t get calls or faxes through to us, using the new code. They just got error messages.

    I called Sprint, our local telephone provider, and was told that the problem was with Verizon, who hasn’t updated their system to accept the new code. Who knows when that will happen?

    In the meantime, good old 804 is still working fine.

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