Boxerjam Lays Off Everybody

Today’s Progress reports that, stunningly, local on-line gaming company Boxerjam has laid off nearly all of their employees, leaving 25 folks jobless. The layoffs are a result of the incredible deflation of on-line advertising values; companes like Boxerjam that rely on advertising revenue have watched their sole revenue stream dwindle to a tiny percentage of what they were two years ago. To all you ex-Boxerites, might I recommend putting your résumé on The Neon Guild’s site?

One thought on “Boxerjam Lays Off Everybody”

  1. I’m sorry to hear about this, folks. I know a bunch of you will be scrambling for a job in what’s now an over-saturated tech market. I wish I were prepared to hire a few people, but we‘re not in that mode right now. Josh, I know you just started there. And Michael, I know that you were feeling good about the direction things were going. And Temple and company…well, I’m sure you folks tried your best.

    It’s not like when Value America went under, where it was this “well…duh!” sort of a reaction. Boxerjam is one of the good guys. Er…was.


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