3 thoughts on “Suspect Captured in Meloy Murder”

  1. I’ve got to say: I’m impressed. Just last night I was telling my friend Kevin that there was no way that county police would catch the guy on their own, that they’d definitely have to call in state cops or the FBI. It’s just that C’ville and county murders are almost always acquaintances, whether it be husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, or guys fighting over drugs. Murders based on robbery or random violence and such are true rarities. So county police just aren’t experienced, I wouldn’t imagine, in solving crimes like this.

    Anyhow, I’m quite happy to have been wrong.


  2. Kudos to the police on such a swift arrest. The only question I have is – should we have been told through any of the various news agencies that this was not an “acquaintance” killing if the police knew? That way – people may have been a bit more careful. After recently moving here from Alexandria, I think maybe I am a bit too lax in keeping all of my doors and windows open when I am home alone.

  3. Channel 6 (out of Richmond) just said that police “expect to make more arrests” in this case.

    Very interesting.


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