Monthly Archive for May, 2001

Legal Aid in L.A. Times

The Charlottesville Albemarle Legal Aid Society was profiled in yesterday’s L.A. Times. The extensive article describes how unusual, resourceful, and essential that Legal Aid is to the area. I had no idea.

Swat-Invaded House Still Unlivable

Remember the SWAT team’s stand-off with some poodles in Belmont a couple of months ago? They destroyed the house, and the folks that lived there have been living in the Best Western Mount Vernon ever since. Says one of the residents of the house, “they’re doing us real good.” The city says that no city money is covering this, but also deny that the insurance company will be paying for it. Your interpretation may vary — see Reed Williams’ article in today’s Progress for details.

Hospital Fires Felons

Following sexual assult allegations earlier in the month, the UVa Medical Center made good on their promise (threat?) to fire convinced felons. Today, they fired nine employees, all of whom were either temp workers or had been hired in the past six months.

Town of Renters

According to census data, we’ve got more renters than home owners in Charlottesville. In fact, we’re in the top cities in the state when it comes to having a high percentage of renters. No doubt UVa has something to do with this, but houses do cost a lot in this town. I imagine I’ll be renting for a long time to come. The news is from WINA.

Country Concert in Augusta

Kevin Armstrong’s David Allen Coe concert is happening after all. After the Buckingham Supervisors nixed it last week, he was forced to move the show out of the county. Now it’s taking place at the Augusta Expoland in Fishersville, a venue known mostly for their monster truck rallies. (“Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!!!”) Though this doesn’t exactly signal a victory for Armstrong, at least the concert is happening as planned. Today’s Progress has a brief story about this.