One thought on “Parking Fines Increase Tuesday”

  1. I think that what really bothers me about this is that it’s mostly an assault on downtown businesses. It’s reasonably to provide just two hours of free parking to folks coming downtown to shop. It’s too bad that we can’t offer longer parking, but there are garages, and two hours is reasonable.

    The problem is for folks that work downtown. There are quite literally no parking spaces available for downtown employees. One of our employee benefits is downtown parking. But that’s been suspended now that the Omni has stopped leasing spaces by the month. The main garages have a waiting list that’s 18 months ago. So all that us business owners can say to our employees is “hey, good luck.”

    As a result, everybody ends up playing the car-shuffle game, using up spaces that should be offered to folks shopping downtown. But without other options for those of us that work downtown, it’s wholly unreasonable of the city to raise fines in an effort to prevent us from parking in these spaces.

    Without other options, Charlottesville has made a big mistake in raising fines. They’re driving people out to these soulless office parks up Route 29, and we’ll end up right back where we were 10 years ago. So, City Councilors, either build a couple of garages, or stop punishing us for operating our businesses in the city.


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