Sperry Project Details

Looks like the county’s ready to make a commitment: the Sperry project, now called “Albemarle Place,” will start in June of 2002. It will open in spring of 2003, and include a 16-screen theater, a hotel, a grocery store, a 125,000 sq. ft. store, and 300 “residential units.” Maybe they can open it quicker, since we’re low on theaters, hotels and grocery stores. The story is in today’s Progress.

One thought on “Sperry Project Details”

  1. Sixteen screens? Holy cow…

    The thing is, the the more screens offered at a theatre, the smaller the screens.

    I’m imagining little rooms with itty-bitty TV-size screens in them. I’d rather stay home and watch a video.

    Janis Jaquith

    author of “Birdseed Cookies: A Fractured Memoir”


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