3 thoughts on “Stalking Celebrities”

  1. The lesson learned is that if you act like a fan-boy, you will be treated like a fan-boy.

    Robert Woodruff, who at various times throughout the 20th century was the Chairman, President and Godfather of Coca-Cola, once wrote; ‘It is just as easy to make friends with people of consequence as it is with those of no consequesnce.’

    The trick is that friends don’t act like deranged ex-boyfriends or British tabloid photographers.


  2. There’s a big, black, tinted bus parked at the Residence Inn near Barracks Road that’s worth at LEAST $1 million. (I know my buses!) Hmmmmm… I wonder who that could belong to…

  3. Celebrities, by the very nature of their celebrated status, are public figures and, as such, give up some of the rights private citizens enjoy. While I agree the local celebrity populace, such as it is, surely counts among its blessings the town’s nonchalance toward them, it’s questionable as to whether what two college reporters revealed constitutes “stalking.” This brief outpouring of DMB mania, media-concocted or not, would, to any normal person, appear as endearing to any far-flung celeb as a hometown parade would to, say, an astronaut of yesteryear. Lighten up.

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