Switched Babies to Be Related

See if you can follow this one. Remember the baby switch at UVa in 1998? Well, it just got weirder. Carlton Conley, the biological father of Rebecca Chittum, is marrying the aunt (Pam Chittum) of the other swapped child, Callie Conley. Which means that his (adoptive) daughter is also his niece…or, no, that his biological daughter is his… Hmm. Well, suffice to say, these two little girls will one day do very well on Geraldo. The AP has the story.

2 Responses to “Switched Babies to Be Related”

  • Really, how screwed up is this? How bizarre will this family’s geneology be? I honestly couldn’t figure out the relationships until I drew a little chart. This little drama just gets more and more weird. I remember the interview in the Progress about a year ago with Paula Johnson. She’d bought a big house halfway to upstate VA. She didn’t have the money, but was banking on a big settlement. Did that even come through? I remember she’d wanted thirty-odd million, but they filed the suit too late, and there’s some $1M cap in medical cases in VA… I can’t even remember, this case is so twisted.

    Anyhow, Paula Johnson is famous for sending e-mail to folks that write things about the case, especially on-line, so y’all be careful what you write. :)


  • They should just get married on Springer and get it over with.

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