Debate Over Sperry Property

The Progress reports that City Council debated the impact of the proposed development of the Sperry Marine property at the 29/Hydraulic intersection. An out-of-state deveoper wants to put in a big theater, some stores, a hotel, and apparently some residences, too. Though development of the property fits into the plans to develop Charlottesville’s urban ring, county supervisors and city councilors dislike the “big-box” stores that would be constructed. Councilor Maurice Cox expressed concerned about traffic, as existing roads would likely be unable to handle the load. Councilor Kevin Lynch, never shy about such things, said that the planned development was “exactly wrong.”

2 thoughts on “Debate Over Sperry Property”

  1. Who are these fools that think that there’s room left in this town for another theater? Hey, why not throw in a restaraunt and a few art galleries while you’re at it?

  2. Okay, I can save everyone a lot of time:

    Step one-

    Developer wants to build something stupid, something inappropriate and nearly everyone agrees it’s a bad idea.

    Step two-

    People go to meetings, argue about foolishness of building this thing.

    Step three-

    City Council put their heads together. One of them says, “But there’s MONEY to be made!”

    Step four-

    Other members slap their foreheads and say, “Oh, right – there’s MONEY to be made! What were we thinking, opposing this?”

    Step five-

    Stupid, inappropriate development proceeds with the blessing of City Council.

    Janis Jaquith

    author of “Birdseed Cookies: A Fractured Memoir”

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