Cav Daily Critiques Self

In Brent Garland’s latest column in the Cavalier Daily, he does a good job of critiquing the Cav Daily’s site (albeit in a brief fashion), pointing out what’s good and what needs to change. He’s spot-on about all of the things that are good, but he forgot something that needs to change: they should permit people to directly reply to articles, like you can reply to this very article. If only every local media outlet would critique their on-line presences. I suspect that WVIR‘s “Local News” section would receive less-than-glowing reviews. Don’t get me started on the Progress.

6 thoughts on “Cav Daily Critiques Self”

  1. I want to hear you get started on the progress. what kind of a newspaper doesn’t archive their articles? At least the cav daily does that. A bunch of students are vastly outwitting the “pros”.

  2. They’re outwitting every Central Virginia media outlet, and probably a good number of the sources of news throughout the country. As I type this, WINA and C-Ville Weekly’s sites are both down. A couple of days ago, the Progress didn’t even bother to update their site with the day’s news. When Jeffrey Peyton bought the Observer, he took down what had been a great (if technically-backwards) website.



  3. That’s correct. They told callers this morning they might be down for 2 days or so. Doh.

  4. check out ‘The Central Virginian’ sometime… this is the newspaper whose front page headline once was that the local hardware store was “burgalized”. That’s right. In big bold letters. Burgalized. This is typical ‘central virginian’. While the Progress is bad in its own right, the CV is worse, oh god is it worse. ;)


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