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Police Need Lead in Meloy Murder

County police are looking for help in the recent murder of a UVa graduate student Alson Meloy. The cops want to know about any sightings of her light blue ’96 Nissan Sentra, which was abandoned behind the Pizza Hut on Greenbriar Drive. License plate ZRV-8100. If you know anything, the county police would like to hear from you.

Parking Fines Increase Tuesday

Overtime parking fees triple tomorrow, WINA reports. City Council raised those fees at their February 5th meeting. (Councilors Richards and Toscano voting against doing so.) It’ll now cost you $15 for parking too long, or $30 if you don’t pay within a few days. Yup, there’s nothing like raising parking fines to get people to come downtown.

Harris Opposed to Landfill Gag Order

Virginia Delegate Paul Harris (R-Albemarle) has called on Charlottesville, Albemarle and the Rivanna Solid Waste Authority to lift the gag order on residents that criticized the landfill.

Baby-Switch Relatives Marry

As planned, the father of one of the switched babies married the aunt of the other, making him father to one and uncle to the other. The AP reports that the wedding took place on Saturday in Buena Vista. If memory serves, WVIR reported last week that Paula Johnson, one of the mothers, believes that the marriage is a setup to get custody of both children. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any weirder…

Dogwood Parade Saturday

At 10:45 Saturday morning, the Dogwood Parade will begin its annual trip around the Mall. It will head east on Water Street, north on seventh, then west on Market down to the County Office Building. As always, WVIR will be broadcasting the whole spectacle. Also, the Dogwood Festival rides will be open at McIntire Park through Sunday evening. This is a classic C’ville event, so don’t miss it.



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