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Ask Not For Whom Rob Bell Tolls

In 2009, Del. Rob Bell introduced legislation to take $3M in school funding from Charlottesville and give it to Albemarle County. This was seen as a safe political move by Bell even as it stirred up residual ill feelings between some in the city and the county over the revenue sharing agreement.

Showing that elections have consequences, Charlottesville Tomorrow reports that the current Albemarle Board of Supervisors will not ask the General Assembly this year to reallocate $3M from the city to the county schools. The budget amendment always failed anyway, so let us hope that we have now seen the end of this feckless gesture.

CAT to Get New Fare Smartcards

Charlottesville Area Transit (CAT) is looking at a new smartcard fare system, reports Sean Tubbs of Charlottesville Tomorrow. The new systems, due to be installed in about nine months, will take both cash and smartcards that can debit the fare automatically when passengers tap them against an electronic sensor.

Even as CAT moves to implement new fare technology, the article points out that ridership is still down from last year.

The new smartcard fare system comes from British Columbia-based Fare Logistics the US-based Trapeze Group . The  video below demonstrates a similar system for Collier Valley Florida transit, also known as CAT.