Monthly Archive for July, 2003

Progress Pursues Lying Deputy

In today’s Daily Progress, Reed Williams has followed up on the case of the lying deputy, looking into Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Camblos’ selective enforcement of laws against filing false police reports. Camblos says that ex-Deputy Stephen Shiflett hasn’t been charged because Shiflett hadn’t confessed. Reed Williams found that in there have been 17 incidents of false reports in the last 18 months, with charges being filed in 12 of them. Only 9 of those 12 charges involved confessions from the accused. Interestingly, there was enough evidence that Shiflett was lying for Sheriff Robb to apologize to the black community for Shiflett’s false accusation that that he was shot by a black man, and enough evidence for the county police to declare that Shiflett had lied, but not enough for Camblos to bring charges.

SNL Inaugurates New Building

Just 16 months after it was announced, SNL Financial held the grand opening of their new headquarters, the old National Ground Intelligence Center building, on Thursday. The 270-employee company has signed a 33-year lease for the city-owned building, in addition to paying the $5MM to renovate the hulking structure. Employees will start to move the few blocks to the new building on Monday. SNL doesn’t yet know what they’ll do with their massive, soon-to-be-vacant building on the Downtown Mall. Courteney Stuart has the story in this week’s Hook, and Liz Nelson in Thursday’s Progress.

Meth Lab Found at W. Main Hotel

The Courtyard by Marriott hotel on West Main was evacuated on Wednesday after police discovered a meth lab in a guest’s room in the hotel. They went there after being tipped off by somebody that was busted with a similar setup out in the Fluvanna woods on Tuesday night. 40 guests and staffers were made to leave the building during the clean-up; crystal meth is made of some fairly unpleasant stuff. Austin Graham had the story in Thursday’s Progress.

5th District Congressional Race Underway

Nelson County farmer Al Weed has started running against Congressman Virgil Goode for the 5th district congressional seat for the November 2004 election. Weed already has a pair of paid staffers, a couple of dozen volunteers, and a campaign office, almost a year and a half before the biennial election. If this race seems familiar, it’s because Vice Mayor Meredith Richards ran it just last year, losing to Goode with 36.5% of the vote. Richards leaves open the possibility that she may run against Weed for the Democratic nomination, saying that she intends to decide by Christmas. Bob Gibson has the story in today’s Progress.

Disclaimer: I’m heavily involved with Al Weed’s campaign. You know, in case it’s not totally obvious after reading the story.

Council Passes Anti-PATRIOT Bill

At last night’s City Council meeting, Council passed the proposed anti-PATRIOT Act resolution, by 4-1, with slight modifications, after dozens of people spoke unanimously in support of the resolution. Despite the complete support from a broad cross-section of Charlottesville residents, lone Republican Councilor Rob Schilling refused to support the bill, telling opponents that they should contact their federal representatives instead. Elizabeth Nelson has the story in today’s Progress.

Obligatory disclaimer: I spoke in support of the resolution.