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News about local media

NBC29 Beating Down Competition

For the first time ever, Nielsen ratings are meaningful in Charlottesville, and it looks like NBC29 is tough to beat. During sweeps, the longtime local station had an average of 11,886 viewers. WCAV (CBS) had just 656, and WVAW (ABC) just 534. The 6pm newscast numbers are particularly strong — 32,000 viewers for NBC29, 499 for WCAV and 354 for WVAW (showing only Seinfeld at that time).

The general manager of the two upstart stations points out, rightly, that they’ve only been around for six months, and haven’t had a chance to make any proper headway in the market just yet. I’d figured that there’d be a certain number of disaffected WVIR viewers looking to get their news elsewhere, but I thought there’d be more than 500. The good news, though, is that advertising on the two new stations is really cheap.

Lisa Provence had the skinny in the soon-to-be last week’s Hook.

WINA Line-Up Too Conservative?

Indie writes: “A letter on George Loper’s website pointed out the highly conservative talk radio line-up on WINA. After the morning news, the line-up goes as follows (per WINA’s website): Neal Boortz, Clark Howard, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Fox News, & Joey Reynolds. The person who wrote to Loper said he is considering a petition or letter writing drive to get Brad Eure’s (who owns WINA) attention that there needs to be more balance on the air locally. Why not poll it here? The letter can be found here.”

To be fair, Clark Howard is apolitical, providing financial advice; WINA says that Fox News host Alan Colmes is “the left wing antithesis to Sean Hannity”; and Joey Reynolds appears to also be apolitical.