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Dittmar Running for Scottsville BOS Seat

Jane Dittmar is Democrats’ candidate for the Scottsville Board of Supervisors seat, Claudia Elzey reports for Charlottesville Tomorrow. The former Chamber of Commerce president runs a mediation firm, has lived in the district for 15 years, and in Albemarle for 35 years. In her announcement, she named tourism, agribusiness, and employment in Scottsville as issues that she’s interested in addressing. Lisa Provence points out in The Hook that both Dittmar and Republican opponent Cindi Burket live in Glenmore, meaning that the next Scottsville District supervisor will come from the far northern edge of the district. This marks a change for a district that has long been represented by people who live in the town of Scottsville. The election is November 5th.

Council Race a Dead Heat

Last night, city Democrats nominated Dave Chapman and Todd Divers for commonwealth’s attorney and commissioner of the revenue, and Kristin Szakos received one of the two nominations for City Council…but the second council nominee still isn’t known, the Progress reports. Bob Fenwick and Wes Bellamy tied, each getting 1,088 votes in the low-attendance primary, although the election board’s count this morning gave Fenwick another three votes. Now the provisional ballots will be counted—four in all—to select a winner…unless that’s a tie, too. The winner will join Szakos in running against Republicans Michael Farruggio and Buddy Weber in November’s general election.

Craddock Named to BOS

Petie Craddock was appointed to the Board of Supervisors last night, J. Reynolds Hutchins writes for the Progress. The local man was the unanimous choice of the BOS, who appointed him to the Scottsville district to complete the term of Chris Dumler, who resigned last month. Craddock says that he will not stand for election in November. He’s a former member of the planning commission, as well as the board of a few other organizations, and calls himself a non-partisan moderate.

County School Board to Include Students

The Albemarle School Board is going to add a rotating non-student representative, Tim Shea reports for Charlottesville Tomorrow. Members of the County Student Advisory Council, a student-run group representing the county’s three high schools, will take turns participating in school board meetings, while board members will start attending the student group. The specifics of the relationship are still being worked out, but there seems to be consensus about the broad outlines.

Dumler Resigns

Albemarle Supervisor Chris Dumler has finally resigned from his seat, Lisa Provence writes in The Hook. Over seven months after he was arrested on charges of forcible sodomy, and four months after another accuser came forward and he pleaded guilty to sexual battery, he stepped down. In the interim, just about every elected official and party leader called for him to resign, protesters became fixtures at Board of Supervisors meetings, and Dumler grimly continued to declare that he’d serve out his term. (There was an effort to have a court force him out of office, but it failed, because his crime doesn’t qualify as an impeachable offense.)

Somebody will soon be appointed to fill the seat until November, when the people of the Scottsville district can select a new representative in a special election. Dumler’s resignation leaves Republicans with a majority on the board, making it likely that a conservative will be appointed.