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DMB Fans Invade

DMB fans have invaded Charlottesville for today’s show. The Mall and the UVa Corner are overrun; DMB bumper stickers abound. I, part of the problem, led over 100 people on (free) tours of the Downtown Mall. Several folks from the press attended. This can only lead to much embarassment for me. Traffic is pretty bad, and Miller’s t-shirts abound. The show starts in a few hours and then things should go back to normal. Anybody have any amusing stories of encounters with DMB fans?

“Venus” Opens at Live Arts

Wednesday, “Venus” opens at Live Arts. Live Arts’ description: “The true story of The Venus Hottentot, an African woman brought to Britain in 1810 to be exhibited as a freak. Her enormous posterior makes her the target of lust, disgust, and fascination in this unsettling modern morality play.” Time Magazine had an interesting story about this play just last year. Wednesday is Pay-What-You-Can Night, Thursday is $11, and Friday and Saturday is $14.

DMB Concert Too Loud?

According to the AP, some residents think that the April Dave Matthews Band concerts at Scott Stadium will be a little too loud. I’m not aware of a concert ever having been performed at Scott Stadium, but I’m guessing that folks in the neighborhood would be used to football games being pretty loud. What is terribly obnoxious, though, are those terrible new lights they put on during the stadium’s expansion. They can be seen all the way from Stony Point; I’d think that the astronomy department would hate them.