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Scottsville: “No water for you! Next in line!”

In the summer and fall of 2002, the water supply was about all that anybody could talk about. Usage restrictions were put into place in September, it was forecast that we’d be all out by December, and the Rivanna Sewer and Water Association started making doomsday plans. Thankfully, by November 13, the reservoir was up to 87% of capacity, and the bullet was dodged. Since then, Charlottesville and Albemarle have been trying to figure out what to do — the population keeps growing, but we have the same amount of water capacity that we’ve always had. The RWSA is considering four options, three of which include modifying the South Fork Rivanna Reservoir and the Ragged Mountain Reservoir.

The fourth option — piping in water up Route 20 from the James at Scottsville — was dealt a small blow on Monday night. Town Council unianimously passed a resolution opposing that pipeline, citing the need to preserve the James’ water level and the great potential for development throughout southern Albemarle if a water pipeline eliminated the need for wells. Though it’s just a resolution — it doesn’t have any legal weight — it’s not the sort of publicity that the RWSA wants for their efforts.

Julie Stavitski has the story in today’s Progress.

Meadowcreek Parkway and Hillsdale Connector Approved

silkyzephyr writes: The Daily Progress reports that at Monday night’s meeting City Council approved the Hillsdale Drive connector. Buried at the end of that story is the news that City Council also agreed to build the Meadowcreek Parkway.

From watching the meeting, it is clear councilors now differ only on whether the city should mandate, or merely suggest, building a grade-separated interchange at the same time.

The problem is money: there isn’t any. Councilors Schilling and Caravatti do not want the bulldozers kept waiting while the City saves up for an interchange. The majority, Councilors Hamilton, Lynch and Mayor Brown, insist that without one the Parkway would dump ruinous traffic at a stoplight, paralyzing Route 250. Delaying the Parkway is better than building it wrong, they say.

The two factions have agreed to work out compromise language by the next meeting.

Both road approvals are only at the first step, the design. But City Council has essentially started a process which once begun, grinds on to its inevitable conclusion. In sum, nearly forty years after it was first proposed, City Council is now united on putting a road through Mcintire Park.

I will note kudos to Councilor Lynch, who held out for a Christmas list of goodies like replacement parkland. He has been promised virtually everything he wanted. If we must pave a park, adding fifty acres of green space does soften the blow.