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Blog Carnival: Jim Duncan Hosts

With the weekly blog round up gone mobile, Jim Duncan bravely hosts this week’s Charlottesville Blog Carnival:

Lucretius reflects on the election, as does Rick.

DocMultimedia, the most ornery resident of the “village” reflects on the opening of the Mall while Jeannine wonders whether “pedestrian mall” means something else.

Waldo launched Virginia Political Blogs – an aggregator of perhaps the most active political blogosphere in the nation.

Anoop reveals that the Waffle House takes credit cards. Is the apocalypse really that close?

CvilleTomorrow notes the conflicts in installing a town within a town.

The end of this chapter in the Living Wage campaign. I have a feeling that it will be back.

Sean Tubbs with CPN is podcasting some of Charlottesville – Right Now. If only WINA would stream and podcast the entire shows…

Dave comments on immigration.

Joe continues his finding of some of the best stuff on the web. Bet on the price of gas!

Duane laments the continuing lack of geographic knowledge of America youth.

Private college counselors for the application-challenged.

Lexi is tired.

Next week, Anoop Ranganath takes on the challenge of hosting. If you see (or write) any blog entries this week that you particularly enjoy, tell Anoop.

Blog Carnival: Duane Gran Hosts

With the weekly blog round up gone mobile, Duane Gran hosts this week’s Charlottesville Blog Carnival:

[Jim Duncan] wrote this week about the various policies surrounding connected communities in central Virginia and Trish writes about the propensity of developers to burn organic refuge when clearing space.

In political news, the big fuss around town is the May 2 elections, with voter guides from Charlottesville Tomorrow and The Daily Progress (by way of cvillenews). Additionally, Brian Wheeler’s Charlottesville Tomorrow has a podcast of 4th City Council Candidate Forum. If local politics aren’t your thing, The Hook notes that Cindy Sheehan will be coming to town, but I expect that it won’t please our more conservative bloggers like Whitney Blake, who has been recognized for sowing “chaos, dissent, and apathy.”

Social justice made big news with the Living Wage campaign at UVa, but David Swanson puts it into larger perspective. C’ville News covered the unveiling of the free speech monument while also stimulating a pretty good discussion on the site. Who needs chalk? We have weblogs.

Too much time on your hands? Sean Tubbs would like a volunteer to help with our local podcasting network and Jennifer suspects that The Paramount will need volunteers next year.

Local cartoonist (comic-maker?) Jen Sorensen has taken up the issue of food safety laws in her latest strip.

In school news, School Matters discusses the value of teenagers serving on school boards and Dean Jeannine talks about the implications of a account in the admissions process.

Finally, if you enjoyed not paying extra for the bandwidth used in this posting (which is made with 100% recycled zeros and ones) you may wish to follow the advice of Bleeding Edge Tech and try to save the internet.

Next week’s host will be Jim Duncan. Want to host? Contact me.

Blog Carnival: Jennifer Hosts

For the past couple of months I’ve posted a “blog round up”—a weekly listing of my favorite recent Charlottesville blog entries. Now that I’ve got everybody used to the concept, this show is going on the road. That transforms this into what’s known as a “blog carnival,” a regularly-scheduled best-of listing that travels between member blogs. At first I’m going to reproduce the contents of the carnival here, but eventually I’ll just post a link. Jennifer boldly agreed to kick things off this week:

Waldo’s post on the Al Weed flyer leads to equally fascinating and thorough fact analysis via the comment section; reminding us all why the blogosphere rocks as a forum for discussion and analysis.

Politickchick column was linked on Politickchick also posts some hilarious responses to her Cav Daily columns. What a great idea for columnists to react to comments submitted in response to their columns.

I was reminded by Johnny Metro why I love cville, the ever changing, never boring views.

Outskirts despises most things about the village; complains yet again about the music from the downtown mall. The changes in sound should be coming in two weeks, so complain after the James Brown concert. City Mouse has a different perspective on the pavalion.

City Mouse’s ongoing saga with her neighbor living in the closet continues with an answer from the myopic property management company.

Anoop had to tell the world about the noodle bar on the Corner. I appreciate the weekly updates on where to eat since I never get to go anywhere (ok I did get to go to Mas, I recommend it highly to Anoop).

Brian Wheeler & Charlottesville Tomorrow provide a great service to the community with this particularly interesting post regarding Albemarle Place; shopping, traffic, gentrification, the future is now.

Eat Air got interviewed and made a delicious brunch- all with no meat, cheese, eggs um and other things. I enjoy the recipes because generally it makes the vegan life seem accessible. I am not a convert but I enjoy the idea of the alternative.

Fatuous Observations believes people don’t respect teachers because they talk over children’s presentations. I want to assure her that people are just rude.

There are a lot of new cvilleblogs from people who recently moved here. Matt Fotter is content and needs people to drink beer on the street with him (I have someone in mind); Rob adds some humor with this great post of a mangled subtitle. Rob & Matt might have a heck of a time together.

Finally StlWorkingmom posts some review haikus on recently watched DVD’s.

Thanks for reading, enjoy.

Next week, Duane Gran hosts.

Conversations with Bloggers: Eat Air

Sean Tubbs, of the Charlottesville Podcasting Network, has begun a great new series on his site: conversations with Central Virginia bloggers. The first installment is a 20-minute long discussion with Chris and Darlene Bruce, who run Eat Air: A Vegan Food Log. Since November, the pair have posted daily blog entries about how to prepare meat-free, dairy-free dishes along with frank assessments of how they turned out.